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Welcome to the all new Sailor Sirius site!!

Hi! ^_^ Welcome to the new website for the all powerful sailor senshi, Sailor Sirius! ^__^ Here you can learn about Sailor Sirius and join along her in her adventures with the Sailor Senshi of Japan. Please enjoy, and please give any comments and suggestions you might have! *waves* ^_~v


Yeah, I know, it took forever for me to come update this site. -_-; Honestly....I don't have an excuse. Time just slipped by, and I actually FORGOT. So please don't kill me, those of you who actually care. ^^; That's why I made the decision to not really "update" this site...not in the sense that I'll NEVER tell any news or anything like that...I meant as in I won't put up the dates since I last updated. When there is something new to discuss or upload or whatever, I'll update. If not, then I'll just leave it be, since I know I'll forget again anyway. And just to make it clear, I'm NOT abandoning this site or Sailor Sirius. Nothing will ever make me do that. I may have moved on from Sailor Moon, but Sailor Sirius is my heart, pride, and joy, and I will never, EVER abandon her like so many others have abandoned their characters or stories. I'll die before that. So no, even though I won't be updating much, I'm not leaving this site or Sailor Sirius, so don't start celebrating, got it? So anyway, from since I last updated, I hope ever had a wonderful Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter. I did. ^_^ I will leave everything up for newbies and friends to enjoy here, because even though Sailor Sirius's story is finished, doesn't mean it has to go away and new fans can't enjoy it. And for those of you who care and don't ignore, you can even re-familiarize yourself with her story. I mean, it HAS been about 12 years since Sailor Sirius's story has been on the internet. Perhaps it'll be better the second time around. ^_~ So please enjoy, and when there's something new to upload, I will, trust me. Thanks for everyone in the past and present who has stuck by me and Sailor Sirius. This is as much for you as for myself. ^.^ I won't forget your kindness and encouragement. You all know who you are. Those of you who couldn't care less about Sailor Sirius.........I would say what's on my mind about that, but I was raised a lady. At any rate, thank you again, my friends, and thanks for every moment you were in my life while I was writing Sailor Sirius' story. Please everyone, continue to visit!  Thank you all, and please support Sailor Sirius! :D *waves* 




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Thanks for visiting! Please come back again! :) I am always trying to update as much as I can. E-mail me, (e-mail at bottom of page) with any comments, opinions, or anything about this page. Please sign the guestbook too. ^_~

Disclaimer - All the original Sailor Senshi, cats, bad guys and good guys are copyrighted © by the great Naoko Takeuchi and the company she worked for, as well as Toei Animations. It is also copyrighted to Cloverway and DiC for the English translations, as well as anyone else associated with Sailor Moon. Sailor Sirius and her family are copyright © 1997-2010 by me, Sharon. That means they belong to me. If you want to borrow Sailor Sirius, please be polite and ask. Thank you.

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